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The most important thing you can know about the internet:

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Know that when I refer to “the internet”, I am referring mainly to social networking sites. However, it’s much shorter to say “the internet” than “social networking websites”.

The internet is NOT a place to air out your insecurities. Get it through your head. Facebook is not the place to vent about your boyfriend drama, Tumblr is not the place to tell the world how fat you feel or how ugly you think your body is (which, by the way, it’s not. You’re beautiful). And even more importantly, do not publish your entire life online.

I understand wanting to talk about your life. That’s human nature. We all talk about what’s important to us, and we want to share our joys and disappointments with others. And yes, misery loves company. I get that. But when all your emotions are displayed for the world to see, I guarantee it will come back and bite you in the ass. And remember this: NO BLOG/TWITTER/TUMBLR/ETC. IS ANONYMOUS. Someone will always find it, and you’ll regret the most personal things you wrote. Would you be okay with someone from your school reading it? Your office? Your book club? Then DON’T POST IT ONLINE.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with posting about your emotions. If you’re sad, you can explain why. If you’re happy, feel free to share. But some emotions are simply meant to be your own, or kept within a close circle of friends. If you’re going to explode without airing it out somehow, keep a journal. Tell a best friend. But please, please don’t air out your entire life on the internet. It’s not anonymous, it’s not private, and it will be seen by people you know. Maybe not right away, but it won’t stay anonymous forever. Be prepared for when it leaks, and don’t write anything you wouldn’t be okay sharing with those in your real life, not just those in your double-internet life (let’s be real, we’re all someone different online then we are in real life).


Written by Danielle Keeler

November 3, 2011 at 10:18 pm

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