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Tumblr is Free Porn/More Blogconfessoins

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So supposedly, it is illegal for anyone under 18 to visit a pornography website.  Does that include Tumblr?  Because, as anyone who has an active Tumblr blog will tell you,  there are more porn shots compiled on that site than I have ever seen.  One particular blog I follow–while not actually dedicated to porn–posts at least 10 new pictures every day.  I keep following her only because it blows my mind at some of the things these people can do…but that’s another story.  If porn is illegal to everyone under 18, every high school student on Tumblr is currently breaking the law.

I like the idea of Tumblr.  It’s nice to have a constant-stream blog, one that allows you to post lengthier things than Twitter, a bigger variety of things than Facebook, but doesn’t characterize itself by extremely lengthy posts like other blog sites.  Tumblr allows you to post literally ANYTHING that comes to your mind (so long as it is not a threat to national security), and while in theory this is good, we have all heard about what unrestricted web diarrhea can lead to…again, that’s another story.

Back to my original point: how is Tumblr not considered illegal porn?  I mean, I’m definitely not saying I want anyone under the age of 18 to be banned from Tumblr (or perhaps they already are…I don’t know what the age minimum is for it), but it just doesn’t quite make sense to me.  But I’m not complaining.  Not a bit.

While I’m here, I was thinking I would post a few more Blogconfessions from one of my favorite Tumblr pages (www.blogconfessions.tumblr.com).  For those who have not read my earlier article about these confessions, Blogconfessions is an anonymous site where you can post your most secret confessions.  It can help a person just to get the words out, and I highly recommend that if you are on Tumblr, you follow them.  The first few confessions hit home with my previous article about confidence, so please,  ladies (and gentlemen): you’re beautiful just the way you are.

10384.) I feel fat and I want to be skinny; skinny so I can fit into a size 8. I mean I’m only 13, I should be allowed to fit into a size 8, but no, sometimes I can’t even fit a size 10. But I can’t lose weight because my mum was anorexic and she said that it was horrible and her parents hated it, and I can’t put her through that. But I just want to be skinny.


10383.) I wonder if you would love me if I were thin.


10378.) My dream is to run away and join the circus, if only my family didn’t expect more from me.


10377.) Everything comes back to how I have this fear that everyone I love is going to leave me. It’s why I’m so anxious and irrational.


10370.) I’m the biggest attention whore I know. Now I know why everyone calls me a slut. Even if it is just a “joke.”


10367.) Whenever I’m upset or scared, my suicide flashes before my eyes. Knowing I can always kill myself if it becomes too much is the only thing that keeps me sane.


10365.) My dream career is to be a pirate. Booze, gold, danger, and girls. That’s the shit right there.


10350.) At my age, girls are obsessing over boys and “falling in love.” I’m scared I’ll never find someone I feel that passionately about.


10348.) There are confessions from me about falling in love with girls and sleeping with boys who already have girlfriends and smoking pot and I want people to see them. I want people to know that even angels can fall. I want people to know that they aren’t alone.


10337.) Last month I got diagnosed with depression. My psychologist called my parents. My parents think I’m lying.


10336.) I want to be skinny. All of my friends are perfect overachievers who succeed at everything and have no pinchable fat on them. I want to be skinny. I have tried, but I just don’t have the self control. Maybe I should try harder.


10333.) I think I’ve finally learned to love my body.


10325.) I’m bulimic.


10324.) Yesterday, I wanted to pull the trigger.


10323.) I feel hungry, and I hate it. I hate having to eat. I hate my body. I hate my lack of willpower. I hate everything.


10292.) And you, sir, are very attractive. Therefore, I will stare at you.

Figured I’d end on a funny confession, what with all the sad ones above.  If anyone feels this way, please realize something: there are people who loves you, and you are NEVER alone.

I do not own rights to any of these confessions.  They are anonymous, and to see the original posts, please go to http://www.blogconfessions.tumblr.com.  All confessions posted here were posted on the internet prior to my re-posting them.


Written by Danielle Keeler

August 24, 2011 at 5:21 pm

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