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Weirdest dream of my life

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Two nights ago, I had one of the most bizarre dreams in my memory.  I woke up at three in the morning and immediately turned on my computer, typed out the entire dream in vivid detail, and it filled more than seven pages.  Now, rather than boring you with the entire long, detailed version, I am going to summarize it:

The first scene involved me sitting on an armchair in the living room of my old house.  I was sitting with a book (what book it was, I can’t remember), and one of the other men in the room was standing at the window.  On the couch, there was one man and one woman, whose names I knew to be Gabriel and Astrid.  Those names are courtesy of the book Blood and Chocolate, which I read most recently when I was fourteen.  The man at the window told us that he thought he saw a snack waiting outside (again, this dream is random, and I have no clue where half of this stuff comes from).  I looked out and saw the back of a man in a black leather jacket, unscrewing our garage keypad in a very obvious attempt to break in.  Astrid’s teeth grew longer and the man at the window’s eyes started turning to yellow–oh, I should probably mention that for whatever reason, we were werewolves.

Anyway, I knew that they were going to…attack him?  I don’t know how to phrase it.  Something bad would happen.  So I asked if I could go outside first.  My excuse was that I wanted to give him a few good scares before the others got to him, but in reality (well, dream reality), I grabbed his jacket and pulled him around the corner, whispering to him “if you value your life, do not go in that house.”

Now, there’s a small chunk of the dream I don’t remember, but at the next scene, I knew had done something that made me a traitor to the pack.  I grabbed the arm of the man and we ran, jumping into a river because for some reason, the other wolves hated to get wet.  They ran downriver, to wait for us at the storm drain, and we got out of the water and ran the other direction.  We had just gotten to the end of the street I used to live on when headlights flashed, and we rolled behind a cluster of trees.  Gabriel was driving, and they stopped in the car to wait for us to come out.  They didn’t know exactly where we were, but they weren’t leaving until they found us.  They stayed all night, and during the night, the man and I spoke sign language (yes, we knew sign language.  No, I don’t know why).  I learned his name was Derek, and in the morning, Gabriel found us.  The first thing he did was pin me to the tree by my throat, but at this point he hadn’t found Derek yet.  He asked me where Derek was.  I told him I didn’t know, that I had lost him at the river.  He saw through it and punched me in the stomach.  So of course, Derek came out from his spot.

For some reason, this made me beyond angry.  I had been trying my hardest to make sure Derek lived, and he threw it all away.  But there was something about Derek that made Gabriel nervous, something that went through his calloused exterior.  What it was, I don’t know.  That was when I woke up.


Now, someone tell me, where does my brain come up with these things?  I haven’t read werewolf books in years, I haven’t been to my old neighborhood since I was eleven, and I’ve never seen a robbery or met anyone named Derek.  I have absolutely no clue what was going through my head, and that makes me a bit nervous.  Any psychologists out there wanna help me out?  I’d really like to know what triggered this.


Written by Danielle Keeler

August 18, 2011 at 7:57 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Have you been watching or reading Harry Potter or Twilight?


    August 18, 2011 at 8:18 pm

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