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All the things I’ll miss about summer

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1. Waking up at noon.  Farewell to the blissful morning hours spent in dreamland, and the nocturnal hours spent at a party with a redbull in my right hand and my boyfriend’s hand in my left.

2. Having time to play the piano.  No more time to learn new songs, write new music, put my own twist on a classical piece.

3. Making plans 20 minutes in advance.  Or making plans period.  Time to say hello to textbooks, coffee at 11:00 at night to finish my paper, and stress zits.  Time to say goodbye to a social life.

4. Having time to write.  I probably will cut my posts down to once a week (they’re already been slowing down due to summer work that I procrastinated until this week).  Goodbye to my stories, on which I spend at least an hour a day.

5. Sunburn and sun-bleached hair.  No more blonde, no more tan, no more beach trips on a moment’s notice.

6. Making chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  One of my summer favorites, but there’s no way in hell I’ll have time during the school year.

7. Keeping my room spotless.  When I get home from school, I strip off any excess layers and put on pajama bottoms.  Putting things in the hamper?  Don’t have the energy.

8. Shaving my legs every day.  Summer: take 20 minute shower, shave my legs, and have excess self-discovery time while under the water.  School?  Wash hair/face, shave armpits, get out.

9. Running.  Every year I tell myself I’ll run after school, and every day I tell myself I’ll run tomorrow.  It’s a pretty reliable cycle.

10. My big brother.  As usual, Ethan leaves for college tomorrow.  I’ll miss him.  A lot.


Written by Danielle Keeler

August 14, 2011 at 4:27 pm

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  1. I will miss lying in my bed all day and listening to “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars (On Replay).

    Teen Quirkiness

    August 15, 2011 at 1:06 pm

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