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My typical summer morning

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1. Wake up.  Even though yesterday I planned on running, I hit the snooze button approximately 4 times and give up on the entire idea of being active.  I’ll run tomorrow.

2. Drag my lazy ass out of bed.  Probably run into a wall on my way to the bathroom.  Stare at myself in the mirror (not a pretty sight, let me tell you) for about three minutes before I remember I’m supposed to be doing something.  Brush my teeth to get the awful morning taste out of my mouth.

3. Shower time.  Stand under the hot water doing absolutely nothing for at least 10 minutes.  Then, finally move on to actually, you know, showering.  Shampoo, shave my legs, all that jazz.  Stand under the hot water for another 10 minutes unproductively.

4. Get dressed.  By now you should have noticed that a lot of my morning time is spent just standing there.  Well, again, I stand in my closet staring blankly at the clothes for about 5 minutes.  My brain is refusing to function.  It’s angry with me for waking it up.  Finally, I grab the nearest shirt and pull on a pair of jean shorts.  Even if I look like shit, it will have to do for today.

5. Makeup. Takes about 2 minutes.  Easy enough.

6. FOOD.  Come downstairs and grab the easiest thing, usually cereal.  Or, if I was smart the night before, I’ll have muffins waiting for me (like this morning…yum).

7. Coffee.  Make a pot that’s extra strong, sit impatiently waiting for it to be done.  Rant to nearest family member about how long the stupid coffee pot takes to make it’s damn coffee.  Ignore the irritated looks (they’re not morning people either).

8. Piano.  Spend about an hour at the keys and accomplish basically nothing.  Play only the songs I already know (trying to learn things in the morning is a wasted effort anyway, it won’t happen).

9. Blog.  Blog about the first thing I think of.  Don’t care if it’s pointless.  Also don’t care if my sentences only come in chunks of thought, not well written work.

10. Pour another cup of coffee and finally start to wake up.  By now it’s at least 10:00, and I can feel my brain start to gear up at last.  Get pumped for the day.  Then realize I have to do school work during the summer and let my good mood hit the floor.


Oh, how I’ll miss these mornings.  Put all this into fast forward, take out piano, blogging, and any standing time and you’ll have my school morning routine.


Written by Danielle Keeler

August 2, 2011 at 10:06 am

2 Responses

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  1. Interesting post!

    Jeyna Grace

    August 2, 2011 at 10:53 am

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