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Blog Confessions and Phytoplankton

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The title of this article actually refers to a user on Tumblr (http://blogconfession.tumblr.com/), and I do not mean in any way to take credit for their posts.  The purpose of blogconfession is to allow tumblr users to submit anonymous confessions, for the sake of just getting it out.  Every confession is posted, no matter how bizarre.  I follow this blog, and some of the confessions people submit can hit home with me.  Others just make me want to cry.  Even more so, others make me want to laugh.  I’ve decided to post the ones that stick out to me the most at the moment.

10214.) I fake my orgasms. Every single one. I have never orgasmed in my life. Now, I fake-orgasm to get him to come a little quicker. I love sex (yes, even without orgasming), and I’m usually the one projectile-launching myself at him. But what with all the position changes, the name-calling, the standing up and laying back down, the sucking and the riding, sometimes I just think, enough. Just come already. And that’s when I start getting ready to fake-scream.


10209.) I Dutch Oven’d myself once… wasn’t so bad.


10189.) I hate myself. I used to be so pretty. I look in the mirror and all I see is ugly, short, big legs, fat. I could go on. It bothers me when girls complain about how they look… But deep down, I am one of those girls.

*That one especially hits a nerve for me, because I have been in that place and I know how much it hurts.

10182.) I got so drunk this weekend. It was only my third time drinking. I woke up to two guys fingering me.. I feel so stupid and awful, like my body’s been raped and abused. Is this even rape?


10158.) I wish I was a phytoplankton. Should I be concerned?


10151.) To all those out there who are hurt, angry, depressed, frustrated or anything… Don’t worry because somewhere out there is a person who used to feel exactly like you, and they had their happily ever after. I’m just waiting for mine.


10146.) I’m tired of my best friend being so ditzy.


10144.) I wonder if you stalk my Facebook as much as I stalk yours…


10132.) I’m falling for him. I’m so pathetic, it’s only been a month and I already feel this way. Also I’m terrified my heart will be crushed when he realizes that I’m quite replaceable, and really nothing special at all.


This blog brings something new every day, and if you’re on Tumblr, I highly recommend that you follow it.  I am in love with this idea, and thank the creator for creating a place where people can safely write these things down.  Humans need release, and when you can’t go to people, at least you can get it out somehow.


Comment please!


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July 30, 2011 at 11:19 pm

Can love be unconditional?

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Let me start of with a disclaimer: I am only talking of human love here.  Spiritual love is not included in the following topic, as I know that there is no swaying or debating that topic in some people’s minds.  That’s fine.  Just don’t bring it into my discussion please.

Can love really be unconditional?  I’ve been seeing quotes that say things like, “Nothing you could ever do would make me love you any less.”  It’s a nice thought; comforting, soothing, nice to hear when you’re afraid you’ve made a mistake.  However, is it true?  There have been times when I would have sworn it was.   I had a best friend who meant the world to me.  I told him everything, and trusted him more than I have ever trusted anyone.  However, that was months ago.  The two of us have drifted apart.  I realized he’s not trustworthy, he’s not dependable, and he was only pretending to care about what happened to me.  When we were still close, I thought that no matter what he said, no matter what he did, I would love him the same way.  I thought that he could tell me he didn’t care about me, and it would hurt, but I would still love him because I knew he didn’t mean it.

I was wrong.

Those things happened.  And as much as I hate to say it, I love him less for it.  I’m not sure I love him at all anymore.  He’s changed so drastically that I no longer see my best friend.  I don’t know how he feels about me at the moment, but to me he’s little more than an acquaintance.

I’m not trying to get your sympathy here.  I’m just using my relationship with him as an example; I was sure my love for him was unbreakable, and I was proven wrong.  But is it possible that love can be unconditional?  Or is there always something that could change your opinion of a person?

Pick anyone.  Someone you love.  Someone you think you will always love.  Now imagine discovering that they never truly cared about you.  That they never loved you the way you loved them.  Imagine them telling you that you mean nothing to them.  Can you honestly say your feelings for them wouldn’t change?  That your opinion of them wouldn’t be changed in the slightest?  Mine would.  When someone betrays me, I never think of them the same way again.  Is that just me, or is it humanity as a whole?  Tell me.  Comment.  I want to know.

Written by Danielle Keeler

July 29, 2011 at 5:19 pm

California judge removes circumcision ban from ballot

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Recently in California, a group of human rights advocates requested a ballot that would present the option of banning circumcision in newborn males.  The measure would have banned male circumcision, with a potential punishment of a $1000 fine and jail time.  It would not have allowed for religious exemptions.  The bill faced strong resistance, and superior judge Loretta Giorgi had it struck from the ballot, stating that circumcision was “a widely practiced medical procedure”.

The advocates of this group declared circumcision to be a violation of basic human rights and a “mutilation of male genitalia”, and many believe that the judge’s decision to strike it from the ballot without a vote was undemocratic, regardless of what the obvious outcome would have been.  This is understandable, considering the fact that the public is supposed to play a major role in politics, but let’s get real.  That doesn’t always happen, and anyone with an education is well aware of that fact.

Several opposing groups declared that the ballot held a strong element of antisemitism, and argued that it violated the constitutional right to religious tolerance, as guaranteed in the first amendment.  In the aspect that the ballot would not have allowed for religious exceptions, the latter is true.  However, the ballot would apply to all religions, and though Judaism is particularly known for the requirement of circumcision, the ballot does not specify a religion.  Therefore, the ballot itself is not anti-Semitic; rather, only anti-circumcision. However, many advocates of the ballot have taken it to an extreme that includes blatant antisemitism.

Those in favor have even gone so far as to create comic books on the topic.  One such comic is titled “Foreskin Man”, written by Matthew Hess, one of the leaders behind the initiative to ban circumcision.  In the comic, the hero takes on “Monster Mohel,” a black haired, bearded man with bloody scissors, clad in the traditional Jewish Orthodox wide-brimmed hat with a tallis around his neck.  The hero is a retired corporate scientist who now heads the Museum of Genital Integrity, and his heroic deed is to kidnap the baby from Monster Mohel and bring him to a group on in-activists.  They then light a bonfire with all the instruments typically used for circumcision, and the battle is won. When asked if he considered the comic to be anti-Semitic, Hess replied with:

“A lot of people have said that, but we’re not trying to be anti-Semitic.  We’re trying to be pro-human rights.”


The villain wears traditional Jewish Orthodox clothing.  On the table where the circumcision will take place, there is a book with traditional Hebrew writing, and the traditional wine and goblet beside it.  Hess claimed his group to be only liberal, but it is now undeniable that this is a viscous attack against Jews masked behind a liberal name.  See my source (newjewishmedia.com) for screenshots taken from the comic.

So much for religious tolerance.  I thought we got over antisemitism after the Holocaust, but apparently there are still many groups who hold a strong belief in it.  May I point out–and I am not trying to suggest this is what will happen, I am just noticing the similarities–that the Holocaust also began with anti-Jew propaganda?  Just something to think about.




10 things to do when you’re bored at midnight

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1. Pour your heart out to ChaCha.  Sometimes you will get the lame, annoying guides who simply reply with “Gosh, that is a mystery to us!”, but sometimes you can get some really interesting people.  I, for example, have received messages like these:

“ChaCha loves you so much!  Never feel like you’re alone, we’re always here for you!”

“It is estimated that 80% of women masturbate at least once a week.”

“No, I am afraid I do not know the color of your window shutters.”

2. Drive around with your best friend, screaming the lamest songs you can find with the windows down.  When the cop pulls you over, act like nothing happened.

3. Go to McDonald’s and request that they wipe down your table every 6 minutes.  If they refuse, threaten to report them to the department of sanitation.

4. Drive to the nearest snobby neighborhood and go Christmas caroling.  It doesn’t matter that it’s the middle of July.

5. Go grass sledding.  This is best done with a big hill and a large piece of cardboard.

6. If it’s raining, go out and sit on the side of the street.  Do yoga until someone pulls over and asks you what the hell you’re doing (trust me, it will happen eventually).

7. Call all the churches in the area and ask them their opinion on abortion, gay rights, or some other controversial topic.  Ask them if you can explain your views to them over the phone.  If they say yes, have a rant prepared to keep them on the phone until they fall asleep.

8. Blog the most random things you can think of.

9. Wonder why you’re sitting at home blogging instead of out doing any of the things you’ve listed.

10. Realize that you’ve done everything on this list and wonder where you come up with these things (not that that’s ever happened…pshhh, what are you talking about?).


Written by Danielle Keeler

July 28, 2011 at 11:18 pm

Franken’s SNL moment in the senate

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We all know that politics has become a game of propaganda instead of focus on central issues, but the Democrats have reached a new level of desperation.  In what is being affectionately referred to as “Franken’s SNL moment in the Senate,” Al Franken, after explaining that there would be no money to pay for security and military personnel if congress does not pass a bill increasing the debt ceiling, proceeded to unveil a sign that read “Welcome Terrorists” aiming his point at those who believe that congress does not have to raise the debt ceiling in order to avoid an economic disaster (see my sources for pictures of the event).  I didn’t even know how to react, except to say…are you serious?

First of all, it was a low blow to pull a name so offensive as “terrorists”.  Franken referred to it as “black humor”, but it seemed more like a desperate attempt to monopolize the public into supporting his side.  Because of tragedies like 9/11, terrorists have become exceedingly real to American citizens; they’re not just scary men in masks on the other side of the world.  People know the disastrous effect of a terrorist attack, and anything associated with terrorists automatically becomes something people will avoid at all costs.  I have to give Franken credit for his creativity, but there are so many comparisons he could have used to get the same effect, it seems extremely calloused to pull a nickname all of America associates with Osama Bin Laden.

Secondly, I know his goal was to gain support, but all he did was make himself look like a jackass–and a stupid one at that.  It’s like trash talking within public society; the person you complain and bitch about doesn’t look bad because of it, you do.  Franken has achieved nothing other than to bring a negative image upon himself, as many articles say they expected the backdrop to fade and to hear “Welcome to Saturday Night Live!”

So finally, I give Mr. Franken my dearest regards, and ask him to go back to his high school debate team so they can teach him how to act in the world of politics.



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July 28, 2011 at 10:13 am

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The reality of being fake

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So today I saw a post on Tumblr (future reference: a lot of my topics will come from Tumblr), and it got me thinking.  As a writer, I can relate to this. I cannot embed the post in this blog (I probably can, I just don’t know how), but here is the dialogue from it:

“You’re willing to have it published and read by strangers, but you don’t want your best friend to see it?”

“Thank you for understanding.”

That’s it: short and brief, but for some reason true.  Writers are very private individuals, and they generally prefer to keep most of their writing separate from their personal life.  I then launched into a very lengthy self-analysis, and here is what I have come up with:

Writers are, for the most part, extremely self-conscious.  Not in the aspect that they are insecure, but more in the aspect that they immediately feel vulnerable once their writing is out in the open.  To most writers, allowing strangers to read their work does not seem real, and therefore they feel more comfortable putting it out in a society that does not know them.  From personal experience, I know it is much easier to read a comment from someone you have never met who does not like your work, than it is to have your best friend tell you that it sounds like you’re trying too hard.

After the above realization, I immediately noticed something else: writers are fake.  Even the person who prides them self most on being real (which I will confess is sometimes me) proves them self to be fake when they only allow certain groups of people to see certain parts of them.  I am guilty of this, as is every other person in society–writers are no longer the sole focus.  Most people just try to pretend it’s not true; they try to pretend that they are consistent and honest with everyone.  Final epiphany: NO ONE IS REAL.  Everyone filters their personality to match their surroundings, and it makes me wonder…who can you really trust?  Can you even trust yourself?

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July 28, 2011 at 6:02 am

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What now?

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Okay…I just set up this blog, recommended by a friend of mine, and I’ve basically got no clue what to do next.  I mean, how the hell am I supposed to know what people want to read about?  There’s such a big variety of people in the world, and nothing I can say will appeal to all of them.  So this blog will most likely be a collection of everything–current events, politics, relationships, celebrities, controversies (that’s one of my favorites, just to warn everyone), and, of course, a place for me to vent.  So fair warning, if you’re sensitive to liberal views, or easily offended when someone questions Christianity (not denounces, QUESTIONS) don’t read this blog.  You won’t like it.

So that’s basically it for my first post.  Wish me luck!

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July 27, 2011 at 10:19 pm

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